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Different CNC Machine Types (Part One)

CNC machines have helped revolutionize the manufacturing industry through automating various machine processes while still tailoring to specific requirements and needs. To do all this, comes various applications and machine types. In this first part, we will begin to discuss some different kinds of CNC machines and their unique capabilities.

CNC Milling machines: these machine types utilize rotating cutting tools to remove materials from a piece to create complex shapes and features. There are horizontal, vertical, and multi axis milling machines which all offer different orientations and capabilities for the workpiece.

CNC Turning machines: are also known as lathes, these machine types are used primarily to produce cylindrical parts such as rods and shafts. These are done through rotating a piece while cutting tools remove materials to produce the ideal shape. They can also perform operations such as drilling and threading as well as facing and turning with great precision.

We hope you found this first part on the different types of CNC machining to be insightful on the development of manufacturing technology and processes! At MRD Machine, we provide quality CNC machining and manufacturing and parts for a wide breadth of industries, from automotive to aerospace at competitive prices. Whether you need one part or tens of thousands, our professionals, technicians, and engineers are here to serve you with our state of the art equipment and advanced precision technology. Continue browsing our website to learn more in depth about our services and get a quote for your needs today!

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