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CNC Machining Services

MRD Machine has experienced technicians capable of manufacturing parts utilizing 3, 4 & 5-axis milling, 2-axis mill turning, trochoidal milling, thread milling, 3D surfacing, in-machine measuring, dynamic workoffsets, aerospace CNC, electrical components, part finishings and more.  Learn more about our services and capabilities below.

Full Service CNC Milling
MRD Machine offers a wide range of milling capabilities. Anything from micro machining to large scale machining we can accommodate 3 or 5 axis work.
Turning with Live Tooling
MRD Machine is fully equipped to tackle your turning projects. With lathes that have big bore capacity and live tooling, our turning capabilities will meet your needs.
Quality Inspection
We implement strict processes to ensure our level of quality never falls below expectations, including:
  • CMM with NIST traceable certification
  • Optical Comparator
  • Mitutoyo Profilometer
  • In machine measurement process to ensure part consistency across large quantity runs
  • Calibrated Micrometers and Height Gages
  • Gage Balls for measuring and verifying features on ports
High Density Manufacturing
MRD Machine is unique in that we offer a heavy emphasis on modular work holding and tooling. What this means for you is we can adapt our shop floor to exactly what is needed in an efficient and scalable way. This allows up to focus not only providing quality parts with faster turnaround times, it lets us keep operating costs down and offer highly competitive pricing. Whether you need a single part or ten thousand parts made, MRD Machine can accommodate at any scale. 
3D Surfacing
Precision CNC machining has revolutionized the way surface machining is done. MRD Machine utilizes powerful CAM software to use simultaneous axis movement to have the cutting tool follow the surface. This results in a very accurate and quality part everytime.
In Machine Measuring
The key to precision manufacturing is right there in the name: precision. Accurate measurement is crucial to reproducibility, and reproducibility is the soul of modern manufacturing. Because of this, the evolution of machine tools has coincided with the development of more and better measuring techniques.
Dynamic Workoffsets
Dynamic Work Offsets (DWO) and Tool Center Point Control (TCPC) are software features in the Haas control that make setting up 4- and 5-axis jobs as easy as setting up a 3-axis machine. Both of these software features work together to make the overall manufacturing process easier, increasing your productivity and reducing the setup time for each step of the machining process. 
Aerospace CNC
At MRD Machine, we’re well-versed in producing parts and components typically used within the aerospace industry. Aerospace CNC machining typically involves very exact tolerances with extremely little room for error to reduce the risk of failure in an aircraft’s systems. We’re highly capable of manufacturing these parts within customer specifications utilizing our advanced machining and milling services. Materials that we typically machine include stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, along with exotic materials such as Inconel or Hastaloy, all of which are commonly used within the aerospace sector.
Electrical Components
At MRD Machine, we understand that the landscape of the electronics industry is always changing and advancing to even more cutting-edge technologies. As microchips and electrical systems become more compact and as new innovations are introduced into the marketplace, the demand for other electrical parts to adapt to these changes increases. This is why we work to be your number one provider for electrical components machining. By staying ahead of all the newest technological advancements and by upgrading or replacing outdated machinery and software, we can continue to provide consistent services.
Advanced Production
We also offer advanced production services to provide you with 100% finished parts, including:
  • With Type II and Type III Anodizing
  • Passivization
  • Chem Film
  • Heat Treatment
  • Powder Coating
    Mechanical Finishing (Bead Blasting, Brushing, Tumbled, etc)
  • & More
Trochoidal Milling
Trochoidal milling is a method of machining used to create a slot wider than the cutting tool’s cutting diameter. This is accomplished using a series of circular cuts known as a trochoidal tool path. A form of High Efficiency Milling (HEM), trochoidal milling leverages high speeds while maintaining a low radial depth of cut (RDOC) and a high axial depth of cut (ADOC).

Thread Milling
Thread milling presents numerous advantages over tapping. Its versatility allows a single tool to create threads of various sizes and pitches, while reducing tool wear due to distributed cutting forces. Particularly effective for harder materials, it improves the surface finish on threaded surfaces and requires less torque and power, making it suitable for power-sensitive applications. Thread milling minimizes tapping issues like breakage, generates smaller chips for efficient evacuation, and is not limited by blind hole constraints. The choice between thread milling and tapping depends on specific project needs, including application, material, and machine capabilities.
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